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Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone Stabilizes Grainy Video



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    Yeah, we know that's not a great video camera on the iPhone GS, but for many situations, it's good enough, and you can't beat the ease with which it lets you upload videos to YouTube. That's why Tiffen's Steadicam Smoothee is a welcome accoutrement for the JesusPhone. It'll also accommodate the Motorola Droid and the Flip camcorders.

    That's right, it's a Steadicam made by the same company that provides camera stabilization for the Hollywood stars. So far it's in the prototype stage, and there's no pricing announced yet, but the prototype is looking good, counterbalancing the iPhone so that you can shoot some grainy video with movement that's as smooth as a baby's butt.

    We can already hear you whining about the bad quality of the iPhone's camcorder, but think about it this way, fellow persnicketies: There will probably be a 720p camcorder inside the iPhone 4G in June. By the way, do you want just a tripod mount for the iPhone? Get an XShot for $29.95.

    Here's a video of the Smoothee, looking good: