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Target? In Alviso?



    Target? In Alviso?

    For decades, the folks in Alviso have felt like the stepchild of San Jose.

    Their community is part of the city, but is miles from downtown. 

    Alviso is filled primarily with low income and working class families looking for the American dream.

    "The neighborhood is just forgotten . We're in the center of everything, the heart of Silicon Valley, and Alviso is completely forgotten," said Tony Santos, a life-long Alvisan. 

    Now, there's excitement around the neighborhood because Target is coming to town.

     "We're absolutely optimistic what it means for our business," said Santos.

    Santos said he took a chance when he opened his restaurant  "Lunch With Tony" last summer.

    He now hopes his gamble pays off, when Target opens its doors next October, thanks to the city's effort to expedite the store's permitting process.

    And with 23.4 percent vacancy rate in retail space city-wide, leaders also hope to eliminate some permit fees for new entrepreneurs, and give other incentives to new 'green' and tech companies.

    "I think it's great," said John Tyson, owner of Tyson Interiors in Willow Glen.

    His store is next to an office building on Lincoln Avenue where nearly half the units are vacant.

    "There's 'for lease' signs up and down the street," said Tyson.

    The city hopes to see fewer signs in the months ahead with it's business incentives, and bring life back to commercial zones, while welcoming a forgotten son, if you will, back to the family.