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Target Turns Tech Ahead of Inevitable City Opening



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    Shoppers walk between the parking garage and Target during the grand opening of the new Target in Harlem, New York, Sunday, July 25, 2010. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

    Target is known for being cheap and chic but now the retailer is getting ready for its eventual move to the City by apologizing for its politics and brushing up its tech savvy.

    The discount store is making a big push to be known as a destination for electronics.
    Target says Tuesday it's adding several services for electronics shoppers. They include free telephone technical support for purchases, an electronics recycling program that offers store gift cards and expanded wireless phone offerings.
    The company is rolling out mobile centers in its stores with partner RadioShack to allow people to sign up for cell phone plans with major carriers or get new phones.
    The moves come as the electronics business becomes more competitive. Discounters such as Target are competing with specialized electronic retailers such as Best Buy.

    The store has long been rumored to be opening up its first San Francisco location and those rumors have turned into official flirtations recently with city officials painting a bulls eye on potential sites.