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iTunes May Get an All-You-Can Eat Subscription Service



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    iTunes may go with an all you can eat subscription service.

    Right now, iTunes grants users the ability to download tracks and albums à la carte, though many of its competitors — including Microsoft's Zune Marketplace — give you access to all the music on the service for a subscription fee. Turns out, that may be something Apple is interested in as well.

    Now, take this with a grain of salt for the time being, but The New York Post is reporting that the subscription service could solidify from talks between Apple and music industry executives:

    Apple iTunes boss Eddy Cue was on the phone with music honchos as recently as a few weeks ago trying to figure out how the partners can move forward.

    One source said the service could have tiered pricing ranging from $10 to $15, although there are issues to be ironed out, including how much music would be included in each tier and how long consumers would be able to access that content.

    Of course, Apple's stance on whether or not it would ever offer such a thing has been a negatory since the beginning of time. The idea of a subscription fee coming to iTunes is churning through the rumor mill along with cloud-based storage that would let you section off a portion of your music library to be accessed anywhere.

    Adding fuel to these subscription flames is the idea that Apple has been trying to block the U.S. landing of Spotify, a music subscription service out of Sweden.

    The New York Post, via Mac Rumors

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