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Bearing the Heat Aboard BART



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    Unseasonable temps can make for an uncomfortable -- and stinky -- commute aboard BART.

    People in the Bay Area complained about the cold summer and this is what we get as the payback -- soaring temperatures across the region.

    If you commute on BART, you may be getting an even more intense heat. BART says the hot weather has had a ripple effect on its system. There have been heat-related delays and very hot rides inside of the cars.

    About a third of BART's cars have air conditioning problems. BART says the heat causes computers in the control room to malfunction and control boxes on the track go down. The control rooms were built without air conditioning and adding it now would be too expensive.

    Eventually, BART will get new trains. But in the short term, there is something riders can take to avoid the sauna-like conditions. They can use the intercom inside the train to contact the operator and let them know the air conditioning is down. Make sure to tell them the train number which is above the door. This way they can get a technician out to get the cool air blowing again.