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Clear Back in Business



    Clear Back in Business

    It looks like the company that let you bypass airport security is going to rise from the ashes.

    After going bankrupt a year ago, the Clear program is back under new ownership.  The new owners say they bought Clear out of bankruptcy and will rebuild it.

     When Clear was up and running, it allowed anyone who could pass a security test and were willing to pay a hefty price to get to the front of those pesky TSA lines.

    The kiosks had a futurist feel, including an eye and fingerprint scanner that matched the customer to the Clear card.

    It was available at all three Bay Area airports.

    There is no telling if this new business will be able to make those same deals.   NBC Bay Area's Scott McGrew reported that it hasn't reached a deal with SFO and it seems like getting San Francisco would be the top priority.

    In June 2009, Clear closed without notice leaving some 200,0000 customers with very expensive cards that got them nothing. 

    McGrew noted Clear is a private enterprise, not a government program.   He said a competitor to Clear has sprung up as well.

    On its Website, the new Clear apologized for the way the old Clear ended.  It also promised to honor prior management’s obligations and reinstate remaining membership terms. 

    Lori Preuitt thinks Clear is a clear example that we live in a class system.