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Dozens of California Bridges May Have Eyebar Issue



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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A legislative staff report obtained by KCRA in Sacramento shows that 56 bridges in California contain the same structural element that led to a recent accident and closure of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

    The bridges are of varying design and age, but they all contain an element known as an "eyebar."

    Last fall, state inspectors discovered a 2-inch-wide crack in an eyebar of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. That led to a temporary repair, which later failed and caused a piece of metal to land on the bridge's roadway.

    PDF: Agenda, Report For Joint Hearing

    California Department of Transportation Director Randell Iwasaki is scheduled to give an update on the Bay Bridge's status at a joint Assembly-Senate hearing Tuesday afternoon.

    A staff report to be discussed at the hearing shows that 55 other bridges in the state from Humboldt County to Los Angeles also use eyebars.

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