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Explosive Collision Halts Caltrain Service



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    If anyone had been in this vehicle when the Caltrain smashed into it, they would most certainly be among the mangaled mess.

    It was a smash up, slow down kind of morning in Sunnyvale Thursday morning.     

    A Caltrain smashed into an abandoned SUV on the tracks as the morning commute started to get into full swing, putting a halt to service on the Peninsula for the next couple hours. The impact woke up residents in the area who said they heard a loud noise around the time of the crash.

    If anyone had been in the vehicle on the tracks, they likely would have not survived the mangled mess. The collision left an explosive-like scar on the front of the train. There no injuries to passengers aboard the train when it hit the car.

    Train commuters were left to talk among themselves as they waited for service to resume. Caltrain set up bus service to accomodate commuters until train service got back on track.

    Police and Caltrain officials are still trying to figure out why the SUV was on the train tracks and how it got there.