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Feinstein, Boxer: We'll Take the Money

High-speed rail money appears to be up for grabs



    Feinstein, Boxer: We'll Take the Money
    California High-Speed Rail Authority
    Could California's proposed high-speed rail plan just have run into new funding?

    California's two senators are raising their hands to say they would be more than happy to take any free high-speed rail money from state's who want to pass on the project.

    This follows a move in the states of Ohio and Wisconsin to reject the federal money for the high-speed rail system. 

    The story got some new traction Monday night when Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the Obama Administration plans to reallocate the money to other states. LaHood was speaking a high speed rail conference in New York. The Washington Post quoted LaHood as saying the money would be moved, "in a professional way in places where the money can be well spent." 

    That's where Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer step in.  AP reports the senators told LaHood on Tuesday that no state was more determined to get the rail on line than California.

    They point to proof of that support in the fact that voters here have committed more than $9 billion in bonds for high-speed rail.
    The system would eventually extend some 800 miles, linking the Bay Area to Sacramento and San Diego.

    Also Tuesday, three Wisconsin congressman introduced a bill stop the Boxer/Feinstein money grab.  It would give states the option of returning federal funds but the Chicago Tribune says the bill would then let states redirect the money to the U.S. Treasury toward reducing the national debt.