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Golden Gate Bridge Crowded With Cyclists



    Golden Gate Bridge Crowded With Cyclists
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    Cycling over Golden Gate Bridge is becoming so popular that officials are considering a speed limit to cope with the congestion.

    Currently, the bridge is experiencing a daily crush of tourists and commuters alike, totaling about 6,000 on any given day. Bike industry observers predict that the number of riders will only increase, so the bridge authority is stepping in to try to keep things safe.

    But are they going too far? The proposed speed limit is 10mph, quite a bit slower than the current average speed. Cyclists clocked above 10mph could face a fine of $100. If the proposal goes through, it would include signs to warn riders of the new rules.

    Of course, a speed limit can only keep the peace for so long as the number of cyclists increases. Ultimately, what's needed is to convert traffic lanes on the bridge for bike use, thereby safely positioning bikes, cars, and pedestrians alongside each other and eliminating the risk of collision.

    Bridge users are likely to feel the squeeze particularly hard this summer, as the bike-friendly western walkway is closed. That means that even more people will need to crowd into the narrow eastern path.