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Muni Catfight YouTube Redux

"Another fight on Muni" is something riders say they hear too often



    Muni Catfight YouTube Redux
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    For many passengers, getting on Muni these days comes with some angst.

    Cell phone video of another catfight on a San Francisco Muni bus hit Youtube over the weekend.

    This one happened Saturday night between a group of women on the 49 Line.  F-bombs were hurled as one young woman was kicked and punched during a stop on Van Ness. 

    Passengers waiting to get on the bus stood patiently during the ruckus before entering the vehicle.  One man yelled, "Another fight on Muni," as it began.  It was as if to let anyone in shouting know the newest city-wide sensation was about to make a spontaneous performance.

    As in earlier accounts, a fellow passenger and not the driver, stepped in to break it up.






    It is the second incident in a week involving fist fights and female passengers on the San Francisco transportation system.  Even before it appeared on Youtube, Muni officials and city leaders promised to step up both uniformed and undercover patrols to cut down on the violence.
    A fight between two women on a Stockton Street-bound bus last week quickly became an internet sensation. Nearly a million people have viewed the clip on Youtube.  Even a spoof of the fight has received nearly 15,000 hits in one day.

    After exchanging profanity-laced verbal insults, the fight also turned physical.  While male passengers stood and watched, women stepped in to break up the fight.  

    The person who taped the altercation also started it with by saying, "Just another day on Muni."  

    Muni officials say drivers are supposed to report all incidents to central control who will in turn call police.  There is no evidence either incident was reported.  Last week's fight happened on one of those 60 foot expand-o buses and it is possible the driver was unware of what was happening in the back half the vehicle.