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Muni Crash Moment of Impact Caught on Video



    Muni Crash Moment of Impact Caught on Video
    Onboad video of the Jan 5. Muni crash.

    As the victims of a San Francisco Muni crash recover, officials are reviewing video showing the last moments before it collided with a pickup truck at 18th and De Haro Streets just before midnight Jan. 5.

    On the video, captured by the system's onboard surveillance video camera, the driver of the mostly-empty bus appears to glance out of the window and side-view mirror to his left just before the crash. Immediately after that, the screeching brakes and impact are heard.

    The crash throws a woman sitting in the front seat to the other side of the bus. The driver is knocked out of his seat and then finds his spot again, only to be tossed into the window a moment later.

    Muni officials say the bus "rolled through its STOP sign on De Haro Street and the truck ran its STOP sign."

    The driver of the pickup was pinned and rescuers had to pull him out of the vehicle. Nine people were hurt in the crash; seven were sent to a hospital.

    The bus driver is off the job as the investigation continues.