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Muni Fountain Brings No Luck

In a battle of bus vs. hydrant, nobody won



    Muni Fountain Brings No Luck
    Water gushed from the ground in San Francisco's Lower Haight after a Muni bus knocked out a fire hydrant.

    Oh, Muni. Why does San Francisco's transportation agency always fail in the most spectacular way?

    On Sunday, a 22-Fillmore bus lurched into a fire hydrant after a passenger in a wheelchair fell off its lift, sending water gushing up three stories at the always-lively corner of Haight and Fillmore.

    At 5:45 p.m., the passenger fell off the lift and was taken to the hospital. Approximately 20 minutes later, the bus moved, apparently with its lift still extended, and struck the hydrant, shearing it off the sidewalk.

    The hydrant then struck a Muni inspector who had come to deal with the incident.

    At least one nearby building was flooded.

    The SF Appeal has a detailed report. Here's a video from YouTube: