Bay Area Sunsets: Photos, Timeline, What to Know

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You may have noticed that our Bay Area skies have been looking a little more "colorful" lately. It's all thanks to our great sunsets. The good news is this won't be the last time we will see it.


According to Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri, the Bay Area could see another great sunset Thursday evening with some high clouds near the coast. Friday will have less clouds but it may make it less spectacular but we are still looking golden even into next week.

Why the Great Sunsets?

The question you may be asking is why are we seeing these beautiful and colorful sunsets lately?

Ranieri said it's due to a high pressure that is trapping dust, pollution and sea spray. Sunlight is reflecting off these particles creating the brilliant sunsets. High clouds are also catching the sun rays during sunset, amplifying the beautiful colors. We usually don’t see sunsets like this in January since we are typically getting rain. What about those rain chances? There’s indications February would have increased chances of rain finally returning, so enjoy it now!


Can't get enough of seeing these pictures? We have compiled some great sunset photos that were recently taken by the NBC Bay Area news team and our viewers. You can see the photos below.

Photos: Beautiful Sunsets Take Over Bay Area Skies

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