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Bad Week to Be a Tourist

Sunny California is anything but this week.



    Heavy Rain & Thunderstorms Roll Wednesday: Christina Loren's Forecast

    A potent late spring storm is expected to dump rain over Bay Area cities Wednesday, particularly north of the Golden Gate Bridge. More rain in the forecast Thursday through the weekend. (Published Wednesday, June 1, 2011)

    The vacation date on the calendar looked perfect: the first week of June in the city of San Francisco.

    What could be better, right?


    The thousands of people who chose this week to spend in the Bay Area are getting a rude wake-up call that comes with a mix of rain, wind, thunder and lightning.

    After a rain-free May, June is bringing in storms that remind locals of January.

    Add to that, all of San Francisco cable car lines will be shut down for maintenance through the weekend. That means instead of that hilly cable car photo of you riding down Powell Street, tourists will have to snap a photo of themselves on a crowded Muni bus.

    And because bad things come in 3's, there is one more hiccup for the San Francisco tourist. That stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge will be at your own risk this week. On Monday, bridge officials shut down the side of the bridge that was used exclusively by bicyclists.  That means you have to share the city-side of the iconic structure with folks on two wheels. Early reports from the sidewalk show it is crowded and a bit tense as walkers maneuver their way across while dodging bikers.

    The work is part of a $661 million project intended to allow the structure to withstand a great earthquake.

    Hopefully we won't have one those this week. Tourists have enough to deal with.