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Bay Area Hillside Crumble Under Sunny Skies



    Families Learn Homes Could Be in Landslide Zone

    Families gather a meeting to find out that their homes could in the way of land slides. (Published Tuesday, March 29, 2011)

    The rain stopped falling several days ago, but Bay Area hillsides continue to fall.  There is a home in the Almaden Valley of San Jose that was evacuated due to fear of a slide Tuesday. The home is one of several in a slide area that has been a problem to locals for years.  A private road continues to slip, taking water pipes with it and because it is private the city won't be picking up the bill.

    The crumbling hillside that is threatening eight homes in the East Bay city of Hercules has
    prompted city officials to declare a state of emergency.

     The City Council approved the declaration Tuesday night after effected residents told council members they needed help.
    Homeowners can now apply for federal aid while the city can seek federal and state assistance.

    The area of the slide is owned by the homeowners association and that has the entire neighborhood concerned.  A home was knocked down due to the slide a couple years ago and one homeowner told a reporter she had to pay $1,600 to help pay for the lawsuit connected to that lost home.
    The hill began moving years ago, but was aggravated after a series of recent storms. Though the rain has stopped, city officials say four of the homes have been damaged enough to be red tagged and declared uninhabitable.
    Residents of the other four homes have been advised to vacate until the hillside can be shored up.
    The recent rains also caused landslides in several Bay Area cities including San Pablo, Morgan Hill and Scott Valley.

    Morgan Hill Recovering From Landslide

    [BAY] Morgan Hill Recovering From Landslide
    Dozens of Morgan Hill residents cut off by slide.
    (Published Tuesday, March 29, 2011)

    The slide in Morgan Hill cut-off a small neighborhood, along with access to a county park.

    Dozens of residents can't get past the mud that tumbled down Croy Road early Sunday.

    The slide took down huge redwood trees and several power lines.

    County work crews have been clearing mud, trees and debris for the last three days and said they open to have one lane of the road open soon.