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Bay Area Wind Tunnel Brings on the Heat



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    Find some way to keep cool this weekend.

    Grab your shorts, swimsuits and summer dresses, everybody. The Bay Area is about to experience the first real heat wave of the year.

    You will be able to literally feel the wave coming starting Friday and through the weekend thanks to high pressure to our north and low pressure scooting by Arizona. That puts the Bay Area in between the two for a 'wind tunnel' effect. 

    The Bay Area will see gusty winds that could top 45-50 mph in the hills as things heat up and dry out this weekend.

    Expect fire weather advisories, in the form of red flag warnings for the North and East Bay hills into early next week. 

    Windy, Warmer + Fire Danger: Rob Mayeda's Forecast

    [BAY] Windy, Warmer + Fire Danger: Rob Mayeda's Forecast
    Hot and breezy weather is in store for the Bay with red flag warnings posted for high fire danger in the North and East Bay hills. High pressure building in over the West Coast and low pressure moving through the Desert Southwest will crank up the winds over the Bay Area - drying things out considerably and making for some gusty conditions. Look for highs in the 70s and 80s near the coast with some 90s inland. Red Flag warnings appear likely for our local mountains until ease begin easing off towards late Sunday/Monday.
    (Published Friday, June 11, 2010)

    Why suddenly so hot and dry?

    Instead of our seemingly non-stop sea breeze this spring, winds moving away from high pressure involve sinking air that warms and actually dries out as it descends in elevation (something our resident weather geek Rob Mayeda calls 'dry adiabatic warming').  "A parcel of air will dry and warm as it drops down from the hilltop locations to sea level," he adds.  "In this pattern our coastal areas and peninsula should see 70s and 80s and 90s possible in our inland valleys."

    So we're seeing a hair dryer effect instead of the typical ocean A/C.  As far as that free marine cooling goes, it looks like you'll have to wait until about next Tuesday for cooling to return.

    For now - remember to keep yourself well hydrated if you're outdoors and be mindful of your pets, younger children and the elderly as our temperatures climb.  We may also see air quality take a dive by Monday - our first Spare The Air days for ground level ozone seem likely as winds start to back off under strong high pressure early next week.

    In the meantime - enjoy our "Summer Preview" and keep cool!