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Coastal Quake Zone Gets Emergency Help

Saturday's quake was located within the interior of the so-called Gorda Plate



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    The people of Humboldt County are probably counting their blessings with a little more reverence today, as they see the absolute devastation in Haiti following a 7.0 earthquake.

    Aftershocks are becoming part of the daily life events along the northern California coast.  Another small aftershock that measured 3.6 hit Wednesday morning just off shore.  It is among dozens of aftershocks to rattle the region in the past four days.

    On Tuesday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in Humboldt County, saying the scale of the wreckage exceeded the county's ability to respond alone.

    Only the city of Eureka has been able to release damage estimates in dollar amount.  City officials there say Saturday's quake caused $18 million in damage.

    Damage estimates for the entire county have not been released.

     It was fairly widespread across the region, but considered relatively minor for the size of the earthquake.

    A security camera caught the entire quake in Arcata and from the tape it clearly lasted several seconds.

    Saturday's quake was located within the interior of the so-called Gorda Plate several miles off shore.  Geologists say because it was shallow, only four miles deep, it was fairly gentle rolling quake.

    Experts say there are no comparable stresses known off the Bay Area's coast.  For us, the dangerous faults run under highly populated landmass.

    And the really good news is that the movement off shore in Humboldt County does not increase risks of slips in the Hayward and San Andreas.