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EF 1 Tornado Hit Santa Rosa

Tornadoes, water spouts and funnel clouds sighted in Bay Area Friday.



    Rare EF-1 Tornado Touchdown & Jeff Ranieri With Waterspout On Video.

    A strong amount of wind shear was present for the Bay Area to experience some very rare weather. Rotation in the atmosphere brought plenty of twisting to the lower levels. Not only did a possible tornado touchdown but a San Francisco water spout was caught on video. (Published Friday, March 18, 2011)

    Wild weather made news once again Friday in the Bay Area. Chief Meteorologist Jeff Ranieri takes a look at the rare waterspout & EF1 latest in the video above.

    Meanwhile, people on the scene described what they saw first was a "funnel cloud"... It then ripped off a roof from a landscaping business and dropped it on a nearby street. By 3 p.m. the National Weather Service officially declared it an EF1 tornado, which is an extremely rare thing in the Bay Area. An EF1 means the winds were between 73 mph and 112 mph.

    The damage was reported at 9:15 a.m. and came in with a roar. Pictures were posted on the Press Democrat.

    Rare Tornado Touches Down in North Bay

    [BAY] Rare Tornado Touches Down in North Bay
    It roared through Santa Rosa at 9:15 a.m. Friday.
    (Published Friday, March 18, 2011)

    Fire crews said when they arrived on the scene they found debris in the roadway and multiple cable and telephone lines down. The wooden walls that supported the landscaping building collapsed leaving the structure a total loss. A gate was also twisted around a post on Pacific Avenue and a nearby home sustained damage to its roof, according to police. Debris was found as far as 200 yards away and a piece of roofing material was found 20 feet up in a nearby tree

    Fire officials said a one-block stretch of that street, between King and Wright streets, would be closed for much of the day as crews clean up the mess left behind.

    Another weather event was captured on video off Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The video of a water spout was posted on YouTube with a caption that explained it was taken Friday at 9:24 a.m. "I was looking outside my window. There was a very dark cloud and there it was," the person who took the video wrote.

    EF 1 Tornado & Jeff Ranieri On Weekend Storm.

    [BAY] EF 1 Tornado & Jeff Ranieri On Weekend Storm.
    While friday brought rare waterspout & tornado to the Bay Area we are in for more periods of heavy rain this Weekend. Another storm will drop from the Pacific and meet up with a decent plume of moisture. More on the rain, wind & t-storms in my forecast. Also , when isolated flooding could occur.
    (Published Friday, March 18, 2011)

    NBC Bay Area meteorologist Christina Loren said a water spout is a tornado that touches the water. The spout sighting helped lead weather officials to declare a tornado warning in San Mateo County later Friday morning because it is evidence that the weather system had the potential to cause a funnel cloud.

    The National Weather Service issued the rare tornado warning at 11:20 a.m. There were no sightings of a tornado or funnel cloud in the 30 minutes before the warning expired.

    The radar map showed the system moving southeast toward San Jose.

     The rain, wind and cold are forecast to stick around through the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday have rain in the forecast. Sunday's weather could be severe.

    The Sierra is expecting several more feet of snow by Saturday morning, which will be great for people who are able to make it to the Tahoe ski resorts. Getting there could be difficult with chain requirements expected on I-80.