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Giants Fans Will Need to Bring the Heat Tonight

Team is two wins away from the World Series



    Grab an extra jacket if you are headed to the Giants game tonight.

    San Francisco's famed fog is expected to roll in thick enough for some people to call it "drizzle" sometime after dark.  That is sure to make for a chilly night like the days of Candlestick. The start of the game will see a high of just 58 degrees if we are lucky.

    The Giants take on the Philadelphia Philles with first pitch scheduled at 4:57 p.m. Rookie Madison Bumgarner will start for the Giants. It's his first career matchup against the Phillies. He will face Joe Blanton, who hasn't pitched since he took the mound for a single inning of relief on the final day of the season.  He isn't injured or anything, the Phillies have just chosen not to use him up to this point because he hasn't come up in the rotation.

    The pitching lineup changes the focus of the series away from a pitching duel, similar to the first three games.  Wednesday night it could easily turn into a hitters' battle.

    Foggy & Misty Start With Rain Due Soon

    [BAY] Foggy & Misty Start With Rain Due Soon
    Thick fog and some mist is starting the day around the Bay Area. We'll likely see some cooler temperatures today thanks to the low cloud coverage that will take a little longer to mix out during the day. On Thursday we'll see a weakening weather system move towards the coast, introducing a chance for some rain late in the day especially for areas north of San Francisco. As of now, the timing appears to be late evening start time for the showers with scattered showers into Friday. We'll have to watch to see if these showers will affect game five for the Giants/Phillies. Its looking like we'll probably see a few showers at least midway through the game...stay tuned.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    Thursday night's game might be even cooler and wetter. NBC Bay Area meteorologist Rob Mayeda says it could rain at some point late Thursday or early Friday morning.

    If the Giants win tonight, the excitement of a possible clinch might just be enough to warm the crowd up. The team needs two more wins and we can hear the famous line: "The Giants win the pennant."

    Here's Wednesday's lineup:

    Cain, Bochy Talk About Win

    [BAY] Cain, Bochy Talk About Win
    The winning pitcher and the manager say Tuesday's win was among the biggest of their career.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010)

    • Renteria ss
    • F Sanchez 2b
    • Huff 1b
    • Posey c
    • Burrell lf
    • Ross rf
    • Sandoval 3b
    • Rowand cf
    • Bumgarner p

    Uribe is out and Sandoval is in.  That's the only difference from the winning lineup on Tuesday.

    Go Giants!