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Lake Tahoe Staying Blue



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    North Lake Tahoe/Tom Zikas

    Scientists say the picturesque waters of Lake Tahoe are still murkier than in previous decades but have not worsened over the past 10 years.

    University of California, Davis professor Geoff Schladow says the lake's waters were clear to an average depth of 68.1 feet in 2009, down from 102.4 feet in 1968, when the school began measurements.

    But the lake's clarity held steady in 2009 despite concern among researchers that heavier rainfall last year may have washed in more water-clouding particles.

    The overseers of conservation projects meant to block fine particles from entering the lake believe those efforts have helped.

    Joanne Marchetta of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency says stabilization of the lake's clarity over the past decade means restoration projects are working.