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Next Week's Forecast: the Rise and Fall of Water

Rainy week ahead will be compounded by rising "king" tide.



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    The high tide Saturday morning pushed waves over the Ocean Beach seawall.

    It looks like Mother Nature is conspiring to make next week a really wet one here in the Bay Area.

    The NBC Bay Area weather department says it is tracking a significant system that could bring lots of rain starting on Valentine's Day. There are raindrop icons on the forecast all next week.

    Add to that something called a king tide and you have yourself a real weather headline. King tides happen twice a year are scheduled to come ashore on Feb. 16, 17 and 18. 

    The tide issue is a big enough concern to force Caltrans to announce the lower half of the Manzanita Park and Ride lot in Marin will be closed from Feb. 14 "until the tides recede."  That parking lot is known to flood.

    San Francisco's Baykeeper is also getting ready for the ocean water's rise. The pollution watchdog group says king tides give a preview of the possible impacts of a sea level rise caused by climate change.  They will have people on land and on a boat in the Bay to document the impact the rising water has on the city of San Francisco.

    So we need to get ready for the water to both fall and rise next week.

    As far as the rain is concerned: meteorologists like to say, "the storm door will be open." And once that happens the rain tends to stick around for awhile. That's great news for Tahoe ski resorts who could use another dousing of snow. Water officials also say even with all the rain we got in early January, our reserviors are lacking as well.