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Record Heat Hits Bay Area

Records broken, heat advisory & Spare the Air Day



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    Don't have air conditioning in your home? Maybe you'll have to find a more creative way too cool off.

    The dog days of spring are here. That's right, not even summer yet but it will feel like it around the Bay Area Monday.

    If you thought the weekend was a bit warm, get ready for the real heat. Sunday's record-breaking heat was a hint that Monday will be another sizzler around the Bay.

    It will reach the 90s in some areas and well into the 80s in most parts of the Bay Area, even near the coast, where one can usually find a cool respite.

    Morning temperatures will likely only drop into the 50s and 60s with some near 70 degree temps in the hills.

    Record Heat Hits Bay Area

    [BAY] Record Heat Hits Bay Area
    Record heat has hit cities across the Bay Area, causing some to hit the beach and others to seek cooler areas.
    (Published Monday, April 20, 2009)

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    This warmer start will be like starting a temperature marathon with a 10 minute head start, with equal warming on Monday. Highs should soar into the 90s and possibly get into three-digit terrority well inland.  Forget that golf trip to Palm Springs.  Pebble Beach will even be hot with highs reaching into the 80s and 90s.  Bay Area beaches will get up to the low 80s with not a cloud to be found Monday!

    The lack of a steady sea breeze with strong spring sunshine means there won't be much quality to the air we breathe.  Monday brings our first Spare the Air day for ground level ozone (that nasty lung-irritating invisble gas that forms from a solar reaction to an airborne chemical soup) --> with the worst air quality levels in the East Bay valleys and Santa Clara valley.  It may look more like LA around here for a day, yet another reason to hate those silly Dodgers fans. So, do your part to help keep the air from getting any more mucked up and put off that lawn work for a couple more days.

    Even though it's a Spare the Air day, there are no free reides on public transportation and wood-burning fires are not banned.

    Heat records fell throughout the area Sunday. From Gilroy reached 95, busting the 1999 highest temp of 84 degrees. Napa at 91 broke the city's 1955 record high of 88 degrees and San Francisco set a new record high of 88 degrees, topping the 1992 record of 83 degrees.

    Cooling should get under way on Wednesday and then our weather will take a Seattle-like turn as a chance for showers arrives on Friday with highs in the 50s and 60s.  It will be enough to think we've broken our weather thermostat.

    For now, just plan on summer sunshine and a heat advisory Bay Area-wide today.  

    Be mindful of your old folks, pets and children in this hot weather.

    Below is the listing from the National Weather Service – Monterey for high temperature records around the Bay Area.

                                                        Monday          Tuesday        

    •  SANTA ROSA               95 / 1931         85 / 1952      
    •  SAN FRANCISCO        84/ 1986         90 / 1987  
    •  OAKLAND                    84 / 1986        90 / 1987    
    •  SAN JOSE                    94 / 1906         91 / 1987  
    •  SANTA CRUZ               88 / 1899         88 / 1987    
    •  SALINAS                      88 / 1986        87 / 1998 
    •  MONTEREY                  85 / 1986        86 / 1987 

    The Morgan Hill area is expected to be the warmest in the Bay Area with predicted temperatures to be 96 degrees, according to Tentinger.
    The Weather Service has issued a heat advisory from noon to 8 p.m., warning people who are sensitive to the heat to take precautions and  drink plenty of water.

    Elderly people, young children and pets can be particularly susceptible to heat.

    The Monterey County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is warning pet owners that high temperatures can be deadly for pets.

    If possible, pets should be kept inside and have fresh water available at all times.

    The SPCA is also reminding pet owners not to leave animals in cars. Even with the windows open, the inside of a car can reach more than 120  degrees in less than five minutes, which can cause pets to suffer seizures,  brain damage and death.

    Rob Mayeda who was tempted to wear a tank-top to work but for the sake of his co-workers thought better of it.