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RARE VIDEO: Funnel Cloud Swirls Over East Bay



    Rainy weather has been getting a lot of special attention these past couple weeks. You may be saying, "it's winter, it's supposed to be raining." And you're right. But last week's deluge and continued rainfall this week deserve the spotlight.

    An NBC Bay Area viewer sent us a video clip of something that's much less frequent in our area, although warnings are not unheard of. The Thomas family took note when they found out there was a tornado warning in the East Bay and pulled out their video camera when they saw Mother Nature in action.

    The Thomases were watching a perfectly-formed funnel cloud swirl above their Brentwood home. They shot the video just after 12:30 Saturday afternoon. The weather phenomenon never touched down so it wasn't called a tornado but it's still quite an impressive sight to see.

    The East Bay tornado warning was the second in the Bay Area in one week. There was also a tornado warning issued for Santa Clara County last week. There were no reports of funnel clouds during that warning.

    Funnel Cloud Swirls in Brentwood

    [BAY] Funnel Cloud Swirls in Brentwood
    A rare funnel cloud is spotted in the East Bay city of Brentwood. The National Weather Service said the cloud was nine miles south of Oakley, and that it weakened before touching down.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 25, 2010)