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Water Managers Say Conservation Needed in 2014



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    Lexington Reservoir sits next to Highway 17 just south of Los Gatos.

    Several dry years have state water officials concerned as reservoir supplies continue to inch lower and lower.

    In Santa Clara County, the Almaden Reservoir is at barely 7 percent capacity and Guadalupe Reservoir is at less than 20 percent capacity. The county's Calero Reservoir is at 45 percent of capacity after two dry years.

    "We're really at a point where we're really looking forward to hopefully a good rain year, otherwise, at the end of this rainy season we're looking at more water reductions," said Marty Grimes, Santa Clara Valley Water District.

    Grimes said local reservoirs are at 81 percent of normal capacity for this time of year.

    "That's not great, but that's not that bad and our ground supply is in normal range," Grimes said.

    The Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, which serves San Francisco, is at about 80 percent capacity. East and Peninsula Water reservoirs are at 77 percent.

    East Bay MUD's reservoirs are at 70 percent of capacity

    Back in Santa Clara County, four of the 10 reservoirs can not be filled up because of seismic concerns.

    Statewide, farmers were put on notice that they could face water restrictions because of two years of record dry and warm conditions. But that could all change with a normal rainy season in November through March.

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