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Weekend Storm Washes Away Tiburon Boats

Saturday's storm was too much for more than a dozen boats in the North Bay.



    Raw Video: Boats Lose Mooring in Tiburon

    More than 15 boats either sank or wound up on the shores of Tiburon following this weekend's storm. (Published Monday, March 21, 2011)

    The clean up from this weekend's storm will continue for days in the North Bay as boat owners try to retrieve boats that drifted away from their homeport.

    At least 15 anchored boats were pulled off their moorings or anchors late Saturday in Richardson Bay. Our news helicopter flew over Tiburon and found the boats dotting the shoreline, including people's backyard. Many were several feet from the current water's edge.

    The boats were originally housed off the marina in Richardson Bay. Richardson Bay Regional Agency Harbor Administrator Bill Price told Latitude on line, "It's very frustrating that people who can afford to keep their boats in marinas try to save money by anchoring out. They underestimate the damage that other, less-well-maintained boats can cause when they drag anchor."

    Latitude reported that the Coast Guard tried to round up the drifting boats late into the night, but eventually lost the battle.

    Now it will be up to salvage crews.