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Windy Monday Forecast

Strong gusty winds will kick things off on Monday especially near the hills and coast through 11am. Gusts to 45-60mph are possible above 2,000 ft. with gusts nearing 45mph+ at SFO and coastline. This coupled with low cloud cover will likely lead to delays at SFO and possibly the usual sand over the Great Highway that happens anytime the coastal winds get into the 25-30 mph range. Wind advisory for the Bay Area is up through 3am.Showers chances will increase as lift increases into Monday though this system will be setting up over the Sierra so moisture may be somewhat limited at times as winds begin to increase more out of the north especially into the North Bay models are suggesting a more westerly component to the winds over the Santa Cruz mountains and South Bay which may add little extra moisture to warrant the .05 to .15 rain totals the computer models suggest for areas south of SF into Monday night.SIERRA Chain controls seem likely at times Monday as snow levels near 5,000 ft and drop closer to 4,000-5,000 ft. at times by Monday evening. Snow totals in the 6 -12 range appear possible over the Sierra for elevations above 6,000 ft. However totals may be limited due to the inland track of this system bigger snow producers will need more moisture to work with so not likely to see feet of snow but still even this amount would be the biggest of the Fall for the SierraShower chances should end by Tuesday, but continued cool and breezy as winds turn northerly setting us up for a potential frosty night in the inland North Bay and East Bay valleys for Wednesday morning for wind protected areas as dewpoints will likely drop into the upper 20s and low 30s which will be the temp range lows will drop to in our wind protected valleys.Halloween looks like ghostly clear skies though cooling quickly post-sundown with the drier air in place for Thursday evening. Rob Mayeda