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Forecast: Areas of Fog, Hazy Skies Monday

Dry trend continues as wind ramps up for parts of the Bay Area

NBC Universal, Inc. Meteorologist Kari Hall has a look at when we’ll see a change in our weather pattern in the Microclimate Forecast.

MONDAY: Areas of low clouds with locally patchy dense fog will be possible especially for the inland East Bay and North Bay valleys. As skies clear you may notice the smoke/haze in the air as high pressure locks in over the region to start the week, helping to trap air pollution. We may at times see unhealthy for sensitive groups air quality in the inland East Bay especially as some air pollution from the Central Valley drifts westward overnight into the morning hours.

We’re hopefully for a pattern change developing later in the week as weather systems begin to weaken high pressure with showers likely staying to the north of the Bay Area into the weekend, better chance for some showers/rain and much cooler temps as we move into February.