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Puppies Pick Oscars' Best Picture Winner on "Late Night"



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    Lloyd Bishop/NBC
    Jimmy Fallon with one of the puppies tasked with picking the Best Picture winner for the Oscars.

    Following a nail-biting Super Bowl pick, Jimmy Fallon's perceptive puppies are at it again. This time, they've turned their attention to the Oscars.

    The fluffy litter returned to "Late Night" on Wednesday to predict the winner for the highly-coveted best picture Oscar for the 85th Academy Awards.

    The five puppies, dressed in their red carpet best, took to the stage to eat food from nine shiny bowls, each labeled with one of the best picture contenders.

    "Whichever bowl the most puppies will go to will win best picture," Fallon said. "And we're pretty sure about this because just a few weeks ago, these guys picked the Ravens to win the Super Bowl. They're really good at this."

    After some wrangling by Fallon, the puppies started chowing down and made it official for one movie: The Oscar for best picture goes to "Argo."