beauty 16 hours ago

The Post-Covid Hair Trend Everyone Is Doing

With many of us coming out of lockdown we are ready to get back to the salons. “California Live” gets the scoop on current hair trends from beauty and barber expert Berlin. He explains why there has b...

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  • Social Good 16 hours ago

    What Does Juneteenth Celebrate?

    This Saturday is Juneteenth which recognizes the emancipation of slaves in America. However, many people don’t fully understand the history and significance of the holiday. “California Live” talks to USC Law Professor Jody Armour about the roots of Juneteenth and how it’s celebrated across black communities.

  • Father's Day 16 hours ago

    Take Dad to the U.S. ‘Mini' Open

    Celebrate Father’s Day with a hole-in-one. With the U.S. Open kicking off today, “California Live” checks out the ultimate pop-up mini golf course, located downtown LA at Fig at 7th, to get into the spirit of golf. Watch and find out how each of the nine holes was designed by Floyd A. Davis—star of NBC’s “Making...

  • Malou Nubla Jun 9

    Hydration Hacks: Fun Ways to Drink More Water

    Summer is almost here which means hot days are around the corner. Staying hydrated is key to avoiding fatigue, but let’s be honest, drinking eight glasses of water can get monotonous. “California Live” chats with Ashley Reinke on her best hydration hacks that will motivate you to drink enough H20 throughout the day (she had us at Watermelon Cucumbe...

    Dania Ramirez on Starring in Netflix' ‘Sweet Tooth'

    Dania Ramirez is breaking barriers in Hollywood as a successful Latina actress. She tells “California Live” about her personal journey of moving to the United States without knowing the language and how she applies the experience to her career today. Plus, we get the behind-the-scenes filming experience in the new Netflix film “Sweet Tooth.”...
  • style Jun 9

    Studs Piercing Shop Is the First of Its Kind

    Studs is not your average ear-piercing experience, rather it’s a one-stop shop for safe needle piercing and beautiful jewelry. “California Live” checks out the space and the striking earring designs (or what they call “earscapes”) and learns the philosophy behind the business.

  • Deals & Steals Jun 8

    Best Cooling Fan for Hot Summers

    The weather is warming up and for many people across California that means hot days ahead. The Mission Cooling Fan is essentially an air conditioner in your hand that will cool you off while at the beach, gardening, or just getting into your heated car after shopping. Get 25% off on

  • Social Good Jun 8

    This Woman Helps Teen Moms Get Degrees

    Nicole Lynn Lewis got pregnant her senior year of high school, around the time she received acceptance letters from colleges. She knows first-hand the struggles of trying to earn a degree while raising a child so she started Generation Hope which provides endless support and resources to teenage parents. “California Live” hears about her new book “...
  • Health & Science Jun 7

    What Does ‘FONO' Mean?

    Dr. Deborah Gilboa, or Dr. G, is an expert on the psychology of socialization. Dr. G teaches “California Live” how to say “no” to post-pandemic social activities you’re just not ready for. She shares tangible pointers like what to say, how to say it, and to remember that saying “no” does not mean you’re ending a relationship. Plus, learn about......
  • Deals & Steals Jun 7

    Your Best Skincare Tool

    SolaWave is a five-minute facial tool that combines different wrinkle reducing treatments including red light therapy, vibrating massage, and more. After two weeks of effectively treating your skin (the combing sensation is actually quite calming) you can see the results. Get 25 to 27 % off on Sponsored by America’s Deals & Steals ...

    Bebe Wood Talks Second Season of ‘Love, Victor'

    “California Live” talks to 19-year-old actress Bebe Wood about playing the courageous character of Lake on “Love, Victor” and the message that she hopes Lake sends to the viewers. Plus, we hear about the second season’s deep-hitting topics such as marriage, mental health, and even immigration. The second season of “Love, Victor” premieres June 11th...
  • Kim Caldwell-Harvey Jun 7

    Avon Celebrates Cancer Survivors With VIP Treatment

    In honor of celebrating the strength and resolve of cancer survivors, California Live visits the new Avon Studio 1886 in Los Angeles. It’s a first-ever Avon space that offers an immersive and interactive experience including a makeup counter, skincare counter, and even a coffee bar. Watch to see how Avon is giving cancer survivors well-deserved VIP...
  • Business Jun 4

    Business Owner Ellen Bennett Puts Her Dreams First

    Ellen Bennett went from making $10 per hour to running a multimillion-dollar apron business. “California Live” hears her story of how earning “real life MBAs” helped her launch a business empire which she chronicles in her new book “Dream First, Details Later.” Plus, we get a peek at the new Pride-themed apron line.

  • Deals & Steals Jun 4

    Easy-to-Install Camera Security System

    Have you ever had a package stolen from your doorstep? Package pirates make homeowners feel unsafe and violated. It’s time to install a smart home security system, monitored from your phone, that brings a sense of security. Amazon Blink is so easy to install all you need is two screws and few minutes. Get the deal
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