Meet the Anytime Flannel

If you live in San Francisco, chances are, you own a plaid shirt. This is precisely what motivated the recent launch of Pladra, a small-batch men's and women's line of flannels, manufactured right here in San Francisco. The plaid-obsessed designers profess they had “never found a flannel that they could wear both in the field and to the bar."

After two years in the making, the brand created a traditional plaid flannel with a modern twist, featuring carefully thought out patterns, a unique palette of colors, customized buttons and labels, and fun patch detailing. Each garment is individualized by lining the collar, cuffs, and back yoke with a woodsy print.

Check out the women's Redwood Brown, 100 percent cotton flannel with a snow deer printed on the inner lining ($89). Only a limited number of each style is made, and every shirt is uniquely cut so no two articles are alike.

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