Ryan Scott: In a looong Q&A session, we…

In a looong Q&A session, we get some nuggets from Ryan Scott. On whether the real Ryan was depicted on TV: "No, not really. Because I think I'm more a really fun-loving guy. You can put me in any situation and I'm the person that makes everyone crack up and have a good time ... I think if I made it a little longer you would have seen more of me." On his future in TV: "First of all, food is first and foremost. And this restaurant is my main priority, and working here and developing other concepts and looking at all the things possible to grow with these guys will be phenomenal. I've had offers, and I've flown down (to LA) to check out some stuff, but I want to make sure the brand and who I am here stays true." [SingleGuy]For more stories from Eater SF, go to sf.eater.com.

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