Syfy Begins Social Gaming on Facebook

NBC Universal's cable channel Syfy will launch Syfy Games on Facebook later this year, offering paranormal, action/adventure, sci-fi and fantasy titles with many based on Syfy programming.

The social gaming comes via Syfy Ventures which will develop the games, according to Broadcasting & Cable. Syfy, previously known as the Sci-Fi Channel, frequently shows sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal content --- but also, strangely, wrestling. The re-name was part of the channel's rebranding in 2009 to broaden its audience to a mainstream one -- and one that didn't quite pan out. At least some critics of the decision say that "sci-fi" had a negative connotation for execs.

However, the mainstream audience didn't really manifest. Those who want to watch  "Twilight Zone," "Ghost Hunters, "Being Human," and "Eureka" usually don't want to watch WWE, despite decisions made by higher-ups. But there's more than one way to gain money in television, and social gaming is one of the latest discoveries.

"This bold business expansion into games publishing secures a key foundation for the powerful Syfy brand in the burgeoning social games space," said Dave Howe, president of Syfy. "By providing our fans on social networks and other platforms with a distinctive, premium gaming experience, we are creating a perfect complement to our existing Syfy Games portfolio."

The main reason is that social gaming profits are supposed to hit $6.1 billion this year and $12.1 billion by 2014. It's all about the Benjamins, brother.

Syfy Ventures also has some gaming experience, having created multiplayer online games such as Trion Worlds and THQ's Red Faction: Origins. Syfy also plans on expanding social gaming to other social networks.

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