Belinda M Designs Bag

Check out this nutty stapler, a classy bag and a studded wallet

LET'S GO STAPLIN': When we first heard that Jest Jewels in Berkeley was carrying an item called a "trout stapler", we got really, really, excited. When we found out that the item was not actually a tool for impaling fish we became slightly less excited, but a stapler that looks like a fish is still way cooler than a stapler that looks like a stapler. Great for fishing fans and hipsters alike. Trout Stapler, $20.

BLACK AND WHITE: The zebra-like tote from Belinda M Designs in Walnut Creek is playful enough to take out on the town while still being functional enough to bring to the office. Be sure to check out Belinda's line of adorable shoes as well. Black & White Striped Tote, $127.95.

YOU STUD: Nordstrom carries the awesome Astor Continental Wallet by Michael Kors. The black leather with silvery studs is decidedly bold, but it could easily be worn with a flowy dress in the evening for a very modern look. Astor Continental Wallet, $138.

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