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San Francisco Mayoral Candidate is a Real Man's Man

Bevan Dufty had $800 urinal installed in his home



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    Bevan Dufty, right, is a real man's man -- he had a contractor install a urinal in his home.

    San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty is so serious about saving water, he has invited photographers over to see a solution he's employed in his home -- a urinal.

    Dufty shared the somewhat odd detail about his bathroom fixtures as part of an announcement that the Public Utilities Commission will be offering free, more water-efficient toilets to low-income homeowners in the city in an effort to save water and reduce bills.

    "I'm a gay guy. When I remodeled, I decided I wanted a urinal; I'm open about the fact I've got a urinal in my house," Dufty told the San Francisco Weekly.

    Lord knows that in San Francisco toilet fixtures could figure into the 2011 mayor's race, which Dufty's signed up for.  For instance, having a bidet would not exactly scream populist, unless of course Dufty suggested the SFPUC give those away to low-income households as well.

    Next year's race against likely opponents State Senator Leland Yee, City Attorney Dennis Herrera and City Assessor Phil Ting will be all about where they stand -- or sit -- on the real issues, after all.

    Jackson West thinks maybe Dufty should make "more urinals" a campaign pledge, considering how the city smells in dry weather.