Bring Steve Jobs Money to Auction for Apple Prototype

If you're a hard core Apple fan, you might want a piece of rare Apple hardware that I promise none of your friends will have.

This rare Macintosh prototype is up for auction on Ebay, but with a starting price of almost $100,000, you're going to need Steve Jobs levels of cash to have a shot.

The 128k Mac features one of Apple's canceled 5.25 Twiggy floppy disc drives, which was supposedly so unreliable that one of the engineers told Jobs that he should take the thing out and shoot it. The production Macintosh ended up using a Sony drive with far less capacity.

While the seller's Ebay name is Wozniac, he assures us that he's not actually Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak.

Ebay, via Engadget

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