Cars Spotted Spinning ‘Donuts’ at Sideshow in Oakland

NBC Bay Area

Oakland police were kept busy late Saturday and early Sunday dealing with dozens of people either participating in or watching sideshows across the East Bay city.

It is not yet clear how many sideshows occurred or if any arrests were made.

At one of the sideshows, multiple cars were seen simultaneously spinning "donuts" at an intersection while dozens of people looked on. Some of the onlookers planted themselves in the middle of the circling cars to film the stunts while others on the outside also recorded the scene on camera or flashed lights at the cars.

In recent months, a number of sideshows have cropped up in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont and San Jose. Those incidents have resulted in arrests, citations, towed cars and damage to police vehicles.

Further information regarding the most recent sideshows in Oakland was not immediately available. 

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