Financial Times Pulls Out of the App Store

Not everyone is afraid of life without Apple.

The Cupertino-based company's new subscription policies for publisher has finally pushed a major player out of the AppStore.

The Financial Times has pulled its iPad and iPhone apps after voicing displeasure at Apple's requirement that publishers either sell subscriptions through iTunes or take down e-commerce links to outside site.

“We removed the app after amicable discussions with Apple,” FT spokesman Tom Glover told All Things D. “ITunes will remain an important channel for new and existing advertising-based apps.”

The Financial Times becomes the first major publisher to pull out of the App Store after Apple announced the policy change about two months ago.

But other companies upset with App Store policies have figured out ways to bypass Apple all together.

Walmart and Amazon recently designed mobile websites for subscription based services for the iPad that don't need to be downloaded but still look and feel like an app.

Could the Financial Times go the same route? Could be, considering the Financial Times is now directing readers to its web app, which has more users than the company's native iOS app.

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