Going to Cal, Stanford (Might Be) Easier Than Working at McDonald's

If you needed more motivation to forget flipping patties and apply to school here it is: statistically it is easier to get into UC Berkeley or Stanford than it is getting a job at McDonald's.

Of course we are playing around with the numbers a little bit here but the stats are still interesting.

Just before announcing it wanted to flip the Golden Arches into the Chrome Arches, McDonald's received national attention for trying to hire 50,000 employees.

More than one million people across the country applied for jobs at McDonald's, including here in the Bay Area.

But conservative blog RedState.com has the actual acceptance rate of those who passed Ronald McDonald's interview and needless to say the recruits got a failing grade.

The fast-food chain hired about 62,000, which puts the acceptance rate of those who got hired at 6.2 percent.

To put that in perspective, Stanford's acceptance rate for its incoming freshman class was about 7 percent.

While Cal accepted about 21 percent of the high school seniors who applied.

To be fair, the two schools combined only received 87, 248 applications for its fall 2011 freshman class.

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