Lawyer Seeks Life Sentence in 2015 Vallejo Kidnapping Case

A Vallejo couple is still haunted by the crimes they suffered at the hands of an alleged kidnapper in their home in March 2015.

Matthew Muller is accused of tying up and poisoning Aaron Quinn and assaulting and kidnapping Denise Huskins in a case that Vallejo police initially called a hoax. Muller has been indicted by the U.S. Attorney on kidnapping charges, but so far, neither the feds nor the state has charged him with rape - or with any crimes at all related to Quinn.

"That's insane," said Quinn's attorney Daniel Russo. "The system that should be in place to protect them and guard their interest doesn't seem to be doing a very good job."

Russo and his law partner recently sent a letter to Solano County's District Attorney urging her to charge Muller and pursue a life sentence. District Attorney Krishna Abrams said it only recently came to her attention that the indictment did not include all charges for both victims.

Abrams says she's met with the couple and is in the process of obtaining all the reports and reviewing the evidence before making a decision. She did not indicate how long it would take.

"We want to make sure there's justice for all victims if crimes have been committed against them in our community," Abrams said.

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