Obama's Bay Area Drop By

A gaggle of three greeted the Commander in Chief at SFO.

Pres. Barack Obama touched down aboard Air Force one four minutes early Thursday at 6:41 p.m.

The president visited with a dozen high tech executives including Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Carol Bartz, Larry Ellison, and Eric Schmidt.

The group at the bottom of the long airplane stairway, though, included just three people. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris got a little exclusive one-on-one time with the Commander in Chief on the tarmac.

Gov. Jerry Brown skipped the meet-and-greet.

The president was quickly whisked away on a waiting military helicopter for the dinner at a private home in Woodside.

Prop Zero's Larry Gerston said one of the reasons for the Bay Area drop-by is that the president is keenly aware of Silicon Valley as a role model for the nation, which is why he has pushed re-training programs and permanent research and development tax credits. 

On the agenda for Thursday's dinner, according to the White House, was to "discuss our shared goal of promoting American innovation, and discuss his commitment to new investments in research and development, education and clean energy." 

White House Deputy Communications Director Jen Psaki said earlier this week the president has been reaching out to CEOs over the past months and he is continuing that during his Bay Area visit.

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