Peregrine Watchers Wonder: Who’s Your Daddy?

Matriarch Clara is expecting

Peregrine Falcon

Clara, the matriarch of San Jose's downtown peregrine falcon clan, is expecting -- and everyone's watching.

The city of San Jose is firing up the Falcon Cam to give the curious an up-close-and-personal view of the preggers bird.

The awkward Jerry Spring question: Who's the daddy?

Could it be the dashing Esteban Colbert, named for the Comedy Ce mock news commentator? The male peregrine paired up with Clara last year to expand his brood. Perhaps love continues to blossom for the pair?

Check it out for yourself: The falcon cams are perched atop San Jose's City Hall, providing alternating views into the nest box and the ledges where the falcons like to roost.

So far, Clara has laid just one egg, but more could be on the way. City Hall birdwatchers have high hopes for a nestful of 2010 peregrine chicks.

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