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San Jose Diocese Halts Cell Phone Tower Contracts After Parent Complaints

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The San Jose Diocese has halted any new contracts with telecommunications companies, after parents and parishioners complained about the cell towers at schools and churches.

The diocese said in a statement that 15 of its churches or schools have a cell base station.  

They lease the space to telecom companies for about $30,000 a year, but parents fear their children may be getting zapped with radio waves.

After meeting with those parents, the diocese ordered all its sites not to renew any of those lease agreements until its special task force completes its investigation on the safety of churches for cell towers.

Still, parents ask what about those that are still under contract.

“What you’re being told is there’s going to be a moratorium on new towers, but it doesn’t protect the students that are exposed to these towers that currently exist,” said parent John Conway.

Another parent, from St. Leo the Great Catholic Church said she’s not too concerned.

“The school has told us that there is no harm to the children, that they know of, said Lucia Spera.

The diocese says all existing lease agreements are under review. The revenue generated by the cell bases goes into parish ministries, but some parents say that shouldn’t be at the expense of the health of their children.

“Until we can determine that those cell towers are not creating long-term health exposure issues for these children, those towers should come down,” said Conway. “It’s that simple.”

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