Behold Lowe! Rob Channels Brad Pitt on “Californication”

Rob Lowe is really stretching for his new "Californication" part -- all the way to Brad Pitt.

As these first look pictures show, Lowe looks a heck of a lot like the bearded movie star walking around with Angelina Jolie these days with a trail of kids behind of him.

Hilariously, on "Californication" Lowe is playing a an actor trying to win the part of Hank in the film within the series. Hank is, of course, played by series star David Duchovny.

So Rob Lowe is channeling Brad Pitt to play an onscreen David Duchovny. Only in Hollywood.

Last season rocker Rick Springfield stole the spotlight in his outrageous guest appearances. Lowe seems to be gunning for the same spot in the fourth season.

Duchovny has made it clear that he loves shooting the show (and it shows in his performances). In an April press conference he talked excitedly about resuming "Californication," which will air in September.

"The show will be canceled long before I get tired of it," he said.

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