“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” Trailer Is Here to Stay!

The "Deathly Hallows" trailer appeared online a few weeks ago, only to be chased off by lawyers at Viacom who were worried there film would get free publicity. Last night, however, an officially sanctioned trailer dropped for all of us to enjoy.

Even speaking as a non-fan, it's impossible to ignore that it looks great, with all manner of wizardry and explosions and dragons and the like.

But whoever mixed the sound on that thing needs a talking to. Trying to watch this here at the office with a co-worker or two, we had to crank the volume up to 11 just to make out what Voldemort the hoarse whisperer was on about -- and then, KA-BOOM! -- here comes the overwrought, overly loud score. Seriously, cut it out.

Also, after his brief appearance in the laughably bad "Clash of the Titans," the sight of Voldemort makes us giggle more than ever.

The film debuts Nov. 19, with the final chapter of the final chapter following on July 15, 2011.

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