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High Society Is Blazing the Trail for Pot Legalization



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    One of the shots from the NORML photo shoot.

    Move over wine. Throw the caviar back in the fridge. Pinkie-raising high society is no longer what you thought.

    Fancy living is going green and we aren't talking about switching the Benz for a Prius type of green. We're talking about herb the gift from the Earth type green.

    The NORML Women's Alliance, a nonprofit lobby group for the legalization of marijuana, is trying to re-frame the perception of marijuana as a gateway drug to the seedy underworld.

    Instead, seven of NORML's most normal women donned their fanciest clothes and struck a pose to connect fancy living with herb smoking just over a week ahead of when Californians go to the poll to vote on Proposition 19, which would legalize and tax marijuana for recreational purposes.

    “There’s still this idea that supporters of marijuana reform are on the fringes of society, but that’s just not the case. Marijuana is as mainstream as it gets, and these women are proof,” a woman named Pepper, of Pot Couture, said in a statement.

    NORML's vision is to get people to think normal people -- and sometimes even fancy people -- put down the glass and instead raise a joint in their leisure time and there is nothing wrong with it.