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Raiders Defend JaMarcus' Vegas Vacation



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    JaMarcus Russell's trip to Vegas was for "a legitimate reason," say the Oakland Raiders.

    Reports of JaMarcus Russell skipping off to Vegas during mandatory team meetings make the Oakland Raiders former top pick look like the David Hasselhoff of NFL quarterbacks.

    But the Raiders are insisting Russell's Vegas vacation was all completely on the level. In remarks to the San Jose Mercury News, a Raiders executive swore that a team official accompanied Russell to The Palms Resort & Casino, and that the trip was for entirely legit, non-gambling, non-buffet purposes.

    "JaMarcus was in Las Vegas, and he was there with a (Raiders) staff member," Raiders senior executive John Herrera told the Merc. "He was there for a legitimate reason."

    Just "a legitimate reason," with no further explanation? Isn't that how mobsters talk?

    The Raiders executive was also in no mood to discuss Rich Gannon's recent overtures to serve as Russell's quarterbacking tutor.

    "It's Rich that needs the help," Herrera wisecracked, when the Mercury News asked him about Gannon's offer. "When he goes on a radio show offering Mr. Davis help, Tom Cable help, the Raiders help, maybe it's Rich that needs the help."

    Or maybe Rich just wants a new employer that lets their people skip off to Vegas on company time!

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who gets really nervous for "a legitimate reason" whenever other people open his sock drawer.