Apple TV May Catch the NFL Ticket: Report

Football fans without cable or a satellite hook up may soon be able to delete the Justin.TV bookmark.

A leaked DirecTV research survey says that the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allows fans to watch football games from across the country for a fee, may be coming to Apple TV.

But the tip goes further to say that the premium NFL package could also subscribe to an online version of the ticket that would allow them to stream games to their television using Boxee, Roku or possibly their favorite gaming console. But the entire thing could of course just be a poorly worded research survey instead of an indication of future plans.

Still there are plenty of details that make it look like more than just a "what if" scenario. The pricing scale, for example, appears to offer NFL fans more flexibility than they currently get buying the NFL Package from their satellite provider.

A season pass would reportedly cost between $40 and $50 per month for a digital only version, while it will cost more to stream the game to your television.

But fans may also get the option of just purchasing a particular weekend of games for $20, instead of having to fork over cash for the whole season.

The move would be a huge coup for Apple as it tries to offer a viable alternative for television customers looking to escape the high costs of doing business with cable companies or satellite providers.

Apple currently plans to serve up an a la carte service for its Apple TV customers.

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