Epic ‘Game of Thrones' Episode Spawns NBA Comparisons From Kings Twitter

Editor's Note: The Kings deleted all their tweets comparing NBA teams to Game of Thrones characters. No reason has been given at this time.


Warning: This post contains spoilers for season eight, episode three of Game of Thrones.

On Sunday night, humanity was glued to their TVs as the fate of the world was decided.

We're of course talking about "Game of Thrones."

The Night King and his army of the dead descended upon Winterfell in hopes of killing Bran Stark -- now The Three-Eyed Raven -- to bring The Long Night back to Westeros.

That, of course, didn't happen as Arya Stark came out of nowhere at the last second to slay the Night King and vanquish the army of the dead.

With the internet abuzz with the fallout from the Battle of Winterfell, the Kings elected to have some fun on social media by giving each NBA team its corresponding "GOT" character.

So, let us begin.

As expected, the Kings made themselves the hero of The Association when they revealed themselves to be Jon Snow.

No need to dissect this one. What did you expect? The Kings to make themselves Tommen Baratheon? 

Moving on.

While smart money might have been on the Kings making the Warriors the Night King, Sacramento went a different route.

Fair. Cersei Lannister is the true villain of the show. Intelligent, cunning and ruthless, she's the perfect embodiment of everything the Warriors have become during their run of dominance. 

The Kings, of course, had to take a shot at the rival Lakers.

Again, the Kings hit the nail on the head. Like the Night King, the Lakers were expected to be a massive threat to the NBA once they signed LeBron James last summer. But, much like the Night King, the Purple and Gold's reign of terror never materialized as injuries and poor roster construction doomed the Lakers. Hey, at least they didn't take a Valyrian Steel dagger to the heart right before achieving their goal, right?

Speaking of said dagger, the team that would love nothing more than to turn the Lakers to ice shards was given the distinct honor of being the league's corollary to Arya. 

Yeah, that fits. The Blazers are led by a silent assassin in Damian Lillard, who -- much like Arya -- is all about ripping the hearts out of his enemies and making those who have wronged him regret the day they doubted his ability to hoop at the highest level.

Meanwhile, the team the Blazers recently defeated in their first-round NBA playoff series -- the Oklahoma City Thunder -- got the distinction of being the NBA's Oberyn Martell.

Is this a direct shot at the fact the Thunder keep getting their brains beat in during the first round? Of course.

As for James Harden and the "We Should Be NBA Champion" Houston Rockets, well, they aren't going to like what the Kings came up with. 

Harden and Chris Paul and their foul-hunting, 3-point launching strategy as the embodiment of evil who will never live up the lofty expectations set by their father (in this case general manager Daryl Morey)?


I'll close with two final teams, the first being the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Three seasons removed from bathing in championship glory, the Cavs had their sword hand chopped off when James bolted Cleveland for L.A. Now, much like Jamie Lannister, they must find a way to fight with their off-hand. In this case, known as winning with Collin Sexton and Jordan Clarkson.

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The final zing was sent at a team that probably deserved a much better fate -- the Los Angeles Clippers.

Low blow. While Theon Greyjoy attempted to redeem himself by sacrificing his life to protect Bran Stark at the Battle of Winterfell, he will always be remembered as a pitiful, sniveling coward who was tortured by Ramsey Bolton.

Wait, Ramsey = Rockets. The Rockets did torture the Clippers back in the 2015 Western Conference semifinals when they erased a 3-1 series deficit to advance to the conference finals. During the comeback, the Rockets overcame a 19-point hole in the fourth quarter of Game 6 to force a decisive Game 7 in what was one of the biggest meltdowns in NBA history.

Yeah, that one fits too.

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