Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Calls Tim Howard to Say Thanks for Defending the U.S.

Courtesy @deptofdefense/Twitter

The (real) secretary of defense called U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard to congratulate him on his heroic performance during Tuesday's World Cup match against Belgium. 

Howard's record-breaking 16 saves during the 2-1 loss drew plenty of social media attention, sparking dozens of memes -- including some Photoshopping Howard's face onto the real body of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. 

A real fan even edited the "U.S. Secretary of Defense" page on Wikipedia with Howard's picture and information.

After all the attention Howard received, Hagel – holding a soccer ball – called Howard to thank him for defending the U.S. Of course, there is evidence of the call on Twitter.

 President Barack Obama also gave Howard a call Wednesday.

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